Best Google Photos Alternatives | Unlimited Storage ending on June 1

Just in a couple of days, Google Photos unlimited storage will come to an end. Let's check out what Google will do to your uploaded photos and videos, will you need to download them offline, and would you be able to use Google Photos after 1st June 2021?

alternatives to google photos

Unless you're using a Pixel device, you might need to download your photos from Google Photos before June 1. The 15GB storage provided with each Google account, will now include Photos too. In other words, your photos and videos stored on Google Photos will now be counted towards your Google account, which was available to users to store their high-quality photos and videos with unlimited storage. To be reminded, the 15GB storage also includes Google Drive and Gmail too.

If your total Google account storage exceeds the 15GB limit, you won't be able to back up more photos and videos unless you buy storage space from Google or move some of your data from Photos, Gmail and Drive to the trash and bring it to under 15GB. Plus, you won't be able to receive any email, if the storage reaches the limit.

Head now towards the Google storage management tool that Google has introduced to manage and clean up your storage. They have also provided a tool where you can find out unwanted data like blurry photos, large video files and screenshots. If your important data has exceeded the 15BG limit, you can take a backup of all the data onto your computer.

Please note, since June 1, you won't be able to backup files larger than 200MB, photos larger than 150MP, videos exceeding 10GB of file size and photos less than 256 by 256 of resolution.

Here are the best alternatives to Google Photos unlimited storage:

Microsoft OneDrive:

Like Google, Microsoft also offers a free 5GB limited storage for their OneDrive. Microsoft offers additional storage with their subscriptions plans starting from ₹140/month that allows 100GB of storage only, with no MS Office apps included. You can save 2 months of subscription fees if you opt for their annual plans that offer 1TB (1000GB) of files storage to OneDrive, Skype account, including access to Microsoft Office apps for ₹4,899/year, and ₹6,199/year family plan offering 6TB (1TB per person) of files storage, Skype account, and access to MS Office software. These subscription plans include additional benefits like protecting and your most important files to Personal Vault, where the 100GB plan offers up to 3 files, and with the rest of the plans, you can protect unlimited files up to the OneDrive storage limit. Protection from ransomware detection and recovery, and files restoration are some of the additional services included with the yearly subscriptions.


DropBox is basically a cloud-based storage platform that allows you to store any type of files. You will be billed in US Dollars for buying their subscription. In this case, do not forget to calculate and add the currency exchange fees that your bank might charge you for the purchases.

Apart from the 2GB of free storage plan, they've divided their pricing for individuals and work teams. For an individual user, DropBox will cost you $11.99 per month giving you 2TB (2000GB) of storage or $19.99 per month for the family plan allowing up to 6 users to share the 2TB storage. While for business teams, they offer various pricing plans as per professional's and enterprises' requirements.

Google One:

Google won't be deleting your data if you've exceeded the 15GB quota, but you won't be able to use your Google account. If you don't clean up the storage until two years since June 1, your data might get deleted. Although, you can subscribe to Google One and buy more storage. If be needed, the Google One, in India, will cost you monthly ₹130 for 100GB, ₹210 for 200GB and ₹650 for 2TB of storage space, sharing the storage with up to 5 members. By buying their annual plans, you can save 2 months subscription fees.

Conclusion: Perhaps, Google One might be the best alternative because none of the other options is as unified as Google Photos. For Apple users, Apple One subscription might be helpful. They offer 50GB of storage for ₹195/month including a few perks like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Arcade and iCloud.

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